Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Reading is easy with mp3 books

When i got up this morning I remembered that I have one task left and need to be done as soon as possible. I took my pyjama and put it on with its “tiger costume”. Ha.ha...ha Yeah I know it was very funny walking down from upstairs with my pyjama tiger costume but I liked it very much. Before I started the task I logged into my email account. I saw an email from a friend of mine titled mp3 books. Well, she’s from Australia and she asked me to take a look of a website where you can download audio books. Wow!! What can i say? I think this is a new revolution in education or especially to those people who like reading books. The thing is, just imagine if you wanted to read something or a book, all you have to do is just press the play button and then someone will read it for you. Well, well, well, it sounds very post isn’t it?

Then I emailed back to my friend saying that the website is so great and i think it’s actually a new way of reading books. This means everybody can “read” a book without worrying about his or her reading ability. Even a seven years old kid also can read thick books by just pressing the play button. Therefore, to those of you who are looking for audio books download then you can simply click one of the links on this post and you will see what i mean. See you soon ya!

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