Friday, 18 May 2012

All tasks related to my visa is done

Before I flew to KL I made a list of tasks that I needed to complete. I was afraid I might forgot or missed some of them. So making a list of tasks is probably the best way to ensure I have done all tasks. Basically the day I submitted my visa application in person, I had about 12 tasks all together and I must complete all of them before 12pm. Luckily, I've already done some of them in KK and two tasks left in KL. The first one it was to get a banker's confirmation letter from maybank which was so difficult and they were very fussy about this thing and the second thing that i needed to do was to submit my visa application in person which could be fairly easy. But all what I thought was never easy. Firstly I had to wait for about 2 hours to get my banker's confirmation letter. Initially they didn't want to issue it for me with the reason I didn't have my passbook for final signature verification. But it seems like the manager recognised my face although it has been two years since our last met in his office. At last about 11.15am I got the letter and my appointment was 12pm. Wow..i was really running out of time and my nephew left the car just outside maybank tower. We took a taxi to wisma MCA and managed to arrive there about 15 minutes before my appointment.

I went up to floor 19 and went through the security check. I left all my bags and my nephew outside the appointment room. There was a beautiful malay girl but she actually looked like a sabahan girl. She probably is a sabahan girl but because we were speaking in english it was hard to recognise whether she is a malay girl or sabahan girl (or maybe from sarawak). But one thing for sure she doesn't have the look of malay. doesn't matter. She checked all my documents and I missed two very important things. The documents didn't mentioned on teh VAF website but when I came there they ask me to provide them. First the form self assessment and second one was a bank draft (i paid cash before but they don't accept it anymore and didn't mention on their website). Anyway, I rush out to maybank to make a bank draft about rm1500 for the processing fee (bloody expensive). I took the self assessment form and filled it in while waiting for my queue. Oh the form has about 10 pages and it took me ages to complete it. After all was okay, the girl filed it in and put them in the envelope ready to be assessed by the British High commission. At last they took my biometrics data and I was done!!!! Thanks God for answering my pray that morning. It took me about 2 hours and 30 minutes to do all those things. It never easy as I thought.


de engineur said...

Nice handwriting, Dr Jungle. Hehe

aslan burcunun özellikleri said...

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