Tuesday, 10 July 2012

I'm back to my blog again

Hello all, Yeah I am back after a few months! I was disappeared and didn't have time to update my blog. I was so busy with lots of stuffs and projects went on but I completed all of them just a few days ago. I must say last month was my busiest month ever. I started my PhD just about five weeks ago and lots of projects from Malaysia came to me and it was like one after another. Believe it or not I completed more than 20 projects last month and I thought I was dying switching my brain from my PhD research to the other projects. Everyday I went to bed about 1AM or 2AM and got up at 9AM went to the office doing the same old stuff reading more journals. Some of the journals were quite heavy and difficult to understand. Up to now I've read almost 50 journals. I mean it's not too bad as it gives a clearer picture of what my research is all about.

Since my last post, I managed to get my Visa at last after so many hustles from the British Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. They were bloody fussy and changing the rules every six months and the worst thing is they didn't mention or explain their new rules and regulations on their website properly. So basically when you come to their office, they will try to find a single mistake on your application and try to refuse it unless your application is perfect. Another problem was, all visa applications were sent to Manila (this is their new rule) and this took days before my visa was granted. I never understood why all applications have to go to Manila in Philippines and why they can't do how they use to do my Master's Visa. I almost gave up but thanks God for the strength you gave me!

Now I am settled in Wales and this week my mind is really into my research. I was in Manchester for about a week before attending summer School and it was a great experience. I met many people and made some friends. They were really nice people and I never expected to meet those people. Anyway, that's it so far and my new life here in Wales is going so well at the moment although the weather is terrible and it doesn't feel like summer at all. It's sad because I miss the hot weather!!!!!!!!

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suituapui said...

Good luck with your PhD. All the best!

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