Monday, 17 September 2007

B+ Tree Vs Test HCI

Well...well..well...another bad day here. Firstly, before that, i would like to tell you that after this i want to cook. Ok stop there, the lectured just now. Database Engineering, we discovered new topic. That was B+ tree. Dam shit, i couldn't concentrate because i worried about the HCI test. The HCI note with me and i didn't see at the white board. You know what I'm doing?? well like Nana my best friend said "merenung masa depan". Hehehe..No..actually i try to revise the last points. So you the result is...i wouldn't understand. I don't know what its all about!! So, next is about the test HCI. One more time dam shit!!! i never expect the questions. Very, very difficult, Ya really. Next time i want to work hard on this subject. Can you imagine...?? If you are here, i will tell you the questions, then you know how difficult it is. Well...ok thats all, Hafiz my room mate will outside with his GF to"open their puasa". Then i will cook and have my dinner alone. long as i can eat what i want, I'm happy!! to all my friends (muslim), i would like to wish "selamat berbuka puasa". Will post another topics.


Miztberg said...

well what can i say's really true how we've been 'cognitively' torture thru our skull..hmm... really just wondering does this course ISE have a proper course outline? cause the task given are not really appropriate on developing skills on a very limited time line... this is not developing skills..this is putting our mental in not well balance state...what im trying to point here is education balance....the process of education it self....not trying to imitate real work environment but to capture the knowledge is more important...why must doing something that we are not in the moment it yet...through time will face it and adapt to it not pushing doing towards it..anyway its just my head thinks like that i don't know what others think maybe differ to what i've just said. Hmm nak buat cane andrik you wants the grades you pay the price life is bump on the road..perh

Andrik McVean said...

to mitzberg, ya you rite, i think the ISE course doesn't have proper outline. Thats why the quality is decreasing..because too many tasks given to us.

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