Friday, 28 September 2007

Presentation BEL490 Part 2

Well, well, well I'm sorry i couldn't update my blog for a few days..because sooo many things i have to do first. Well, u know isn't? E-property system, database,report, proposal thesis, presentation...and so on. WOW!!!! F**K!!! here!!! this is bull shit!! ya really!! Well, tonight i only have couple of hours to update my blog. After this i have to revise chapter 6 to 10 (EDU430), tomorrow i got test...Sooooo...fucking Dog!!! "dah la aku ne orang yang tak suke bace buku". Anywhere, lets start the "story"...hehehe..last
Wednesday was another individual presentation for BEL490.
So the first presenter was nor. Well, i think i shouldn't give comment but as i said in my blog i give comments because i couldn't stop my mind to think about it. So in my opinion, i think her presentation was "sedang-sedang aja". Ya, because i think, the problems was look too much to the text. To be a good presenter you don't have to memorize all things, but as long as you can attract the audiences. Well, but the good things was you topics. I think that was a good topic. its all about windows Vs. Linux. Ya really good topic, as most people now a day prefer to use windows OS. Another problem was u didn't see the audiences, as a result i can said you "syok sendiri". Thats the only word i can describe. And body gesture totally failed, you know why? because you depend too much to your text... I'm sorry!! But you voice projection was OK.
OK thats all for nor, the next one was zai...Hi zai if you read my blog don't get upset ya, because of my comments. heheheh...if i not mistaken, she talked about multimedia. And the problem was i'm sorry to said because you too much look at you text and slides until you forgot the audiences. Ya..if you didn't look at us, we will get boring and how can we interested with you topic? For me, the topic is not too bad..but if the presenter present bad....then the topic can be more thing detected. I've noticed that actually you were too nervous at that time. Because i can hear you voice was "not stable" you know what i mean? "mengelatar la sayang". OK then lets go to Fiza..well, first of all, i love the way you to talk with the audiences, you know why? because it doesn't show that you are nervous, but it shows like you are professional. I mean the way to talk. And actually i love you smile and body gesture was good. I mean you feel comfortable in front of us. But the problems was your slide. i mean not too much la.For me good slide but you didn't state each stage with each slide.
I mean you presentation will be good if you put each of the stage with each slide. Because if you put all the stages in single slide, people will get boring with your presentation. Another problem was you didn't state your main topic. I mean you should put "PROTOTYPE" in single slide then the audiences will clearly know what do you want to talk about. Mmmmm...but you slide design was good...very, very simple but professional. But please don't hold the papers la...ok? you are presenting, so your hand should be free of anything (not you only, but like the rest of the students did). was nana in the house!!! this know why..the first thing i can said about this gurl is, the best presenter last Wednesday.
Ya really..She talked about computer virus. But nana, one thing that you have to keep remember is you font. Ya the font is really, really bad for presentation. Nana, "ne bukan pendidikan seni" but this is presentation, so your font should be professional.OK?
I'm sorry. Good voice projection, good sound (i mean you voice lantang benor). Your slide also interesting and you don't even bring text with you. You only depend to the slides..good!! thats was good. You hand also free of any papers. So your body gesture also not too bad. Anywhere, you are the best presenter at that time. OK thats all for this is, i want to comment about Yus!!!!mmm..ah......i'm sorry yus..i love your topic, but you didn't attract me enough. First, you "masuk rumah tak bagi salam la sayang".
I mean you have to introduce your topic first then move to the next one. There is no surprise. You stand in front of us and just said "good morning, today i want to talk about password security"..see..what happened? Your voice projection also is not enough strong, not clear and sometimes i wouldn't understand. mmm...another problems were too much depend to the slides or text and your conclusion also too long. People will get bored if you put too many text in single slide. Anywhere yus...i'm sure still can be improved. Ha.....the next presenter was Nis...firstly, nis i love your "bulu mate" pergh......aks..ok..ok stop it. This gurl talked about data transmission..ya i think so..if i not mistaken.
Mmmm..nis..i think good presenter also. I love your presentation and i think nana is better because she's tapic was interesting them your. I'm sorry to said nis..i don't like your topic..ya really...i hate "data transmission". But you've done very good slide, the design and the arrangement of your text. But your text is suitable. "please use stahdard bukan pendidikan seni sayang". Good voice projection, not bad your body gesture, you attracting audiences with your own style. har...but please don't put your hand at your back ya? "ne bukan kat padang kawad". But overall i put you second good presenter. The next topic was waterfall process and presented by ana (the cute gurl) hehe...ok not too much to comment because she was "sedang-sedang aja".
But....too much "ahhhhh...mmm......" you know what i mean rite? please practice and make sure you understand the topics that you want to talk about. About your slide...not bad..just good. But if you want to talk about waterfall process make sure each process separated in single slide ya. OK good luck!! I'm sorry the picture too small because i over compressed it.

Next topic was spyware and presented by Ruzila..mmm....her BF beside me...hahah.....and her BF busy with our SDD.
In my opinion, you too much depend to your text and you didn't look at us. You forgot the audiences. What i can said here is "syok sendiri". And your voice projection was too weak, i mean you have to speak louder and be confident. You level of confident was too low. I think good topic but when you explain with that way or style..i get bored. One thing is, your presentation was short, simple but interesting.
mmm....the last presenter was Mr. Hanif..he talked about Normalization...everybody know about this topic.
M...i think your voice projection was good, clear and loud. But the problems were too much depend with your text..i think you don't have to look too much at your text because you present about a technique, so once you understand about the technique, you can explain it so easy..this is not theory. Good things were short and simple, so people never get bored and the slide was standard and suitable for presentation. OK thats all for tonight and i will post another topics soon. I think i have to go to toilet now...I ate too much just know and now i have to put some of them in the toilet. Hahaha....And i'm sorry if you feel uncomfortable with my comments. If you think you want to reply or add comments..just post it here..surely will be replied. OK to you all.....Good luck and have a nice day. Love you all!!


quaker said...

But nana, one thing that you have to keep remember is you font. Ya the font is really, really bad for presentation. Nana, "ne bukan pendidikan seni" but this is presentation, so your font should be professional.OK?.....
pergh!!! how dare you...sabar jer la aku...neway..thanks for all of your comments...aku akn jadikan pengajaran..but one more thing andrik...hope one time we will gives comments bout you..kalo ko jer bg komen kt ktorg x fair ar...right????...good job dear!!

Andrik said...

Sure can give many as you problem..i awaits your comments..

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