Sunday, 30 September 2007

Role Playing ITS580 Part 1

Waw!!! ahhhhhhh......i'm still sleepy and yawn, even though i woke up afternoon. Last night i didn't sleep until 7 o'clock am doing e-property system. What the hell of my world...i can't wait until next week..daddy i want to go home......!!!!!!! After i finish my blog i want to go to SACC Mall..u know whay? i want to buy something..hehehe.."kasut ler, aper lagi" (shoes) week want go back to "i nak pakai kasut baru (kwang..kwang..kwang..kwang)". No la..actually another one Daddy's birthday is coming soon so..want to buy him sport shoes as present to him. Hopefully he didn't browse my blog and read it..otherwise he will get upset..because last time he said "you said you are busy but you still have time for blogging", Gezzz.....i couldn't do anything, just hear him and try to close my ears. Originally i want to buy tie blue color..but since he got too many tie..mmmmm, i think not a good idea la isn't ? And I've planned to buy cake of secret recipe for daddy's birthday..mmmm..."sedap nyer". OK stp here..actually i want to talk about role playing last Wednesday. Firstly, i never expect miss faezah will ask us to do this. Ya really..but what can we do? we must do it to get mark..(reda..jer la kekawan) . However, i love know why? because i've took out all the stress in my head and threw away it. the first group was fiza, dije and their gang actually, but i'm surry dude..i forgot to take your pics because i'm too excited to see you all.
But if i not mistaken its all about server...then server down and how the network communicate between the client and the server...hahaha...something like that la!! OK, next was our group...there were 3 sections..the first section was hafiz explaining about Java RMI with his slides..then followed by me with my poem. funny because actually the poem i just do it during BEL presentation. But actually the poem is not too good la, because i took just took a couple of hours to do it..But, thank to Mr. Arif because assist me with his instrumental..."caya la Arip"..
Originally i've planned to play the song by samson (bukanlah diriku)...since i thought instrumental is better so i've changed my planed. The third section was role playing on how me (as RMI) become a "post men" between the server and client. Anywhere..i enjoyed that...And look at mr.arip he is playing with the guitar for my instrumental...furhhhhhh....Gosh!!!! Love it!! Next group was nana, yus, ana, nis and mui (if i not mistaken)..mmmm....of course happy go lucky, with the slides (i think funny)...i think the beginning was good. Then too much talk each other after that....but one thing is their intonation..(ape lagi ngan nana..pergh cam mak datin dowh....cakap pergh ber "style")..anywhere all of u are funny!! "kalau la every week wat cam ne...pergh, hilang la tension aku" i uploaded some of their pics here..aks!! aks!! Look at them..they were driving car...then..accident..hahahahahah...and the other two at the back laughing each other...and look at nis...with her hands..controlling the steering and look at nana..."mak ai...pergh..gelak tak ingat dunia". And how about at the right side? ana talking something to mui and what happened to nana? hahahah...."menahan gelak la tu"!!!huhuhuhu...And how about this one? i think its time for yus talking something....the..look at nana..ngan gayer mak datin (bak kate os)...ibarat mak datin tengah bercakap!!!!cakap!!cakap!! bercakap!!!!!hahahahahahah....and at the left hand side is mui..ok thats all for this lets go to the next group!!! well....well.....wowowowo...yo..yo..yo.....lets go, lets the next group....check it out..check it out!!!bebe!!! i never expected this gurl can do like this...ya really....well...people..rite?..but i really, really enjoy their their was yati!!!! yati..i never knew you can do the "yo..yo..yo" hahaha....hip hop style....anywhere yati..good!! make it more then that next time..i want to see more form you..look at the right "yo ing..yo ing"hahah...mmm....."tak sangka ya"...anywhere,,but they acted about java bean? am i right?
i think so..yati transformed to Miss Bean..and how is Mr Bean ah?? ya..thats rite..who is Mr. Bean?????where is Mr. Bean...hahahahahahahaLook at the right they perform about java lets look the other one....i think the mama bean..hahah..mama? but not enough fat...usually, mama is fat..she is not thin...not suitable to be mama bean..but good la u acted like that..but who is the papa bean??? hhahaha..i think sharil is be papa bean. And here is tomato..heheheh...i still wonder why shes name is tomato...but when this gurl said "you want to know more about me?" the guys at the back dirty minded..and laughing each other..hahhahah...even me pun gelak gak! aks... well...she said like that..of course well all laugh at her..heheh..but really...shes sexy..aks..(batal puase aku!! plak) now lets go to the last was arip and the gang..heheheh...but about what arrr??mmm..i forgot la..i'm sorry ya...but the other except arip...put the "birthday hat" on their head..(surat kabar plak tu)..pergh..."so creative" hehehe....ya really.."nasib baik ko tak pakai topi tu arip, kalau ko pakai pergh cam....penyanyi pro". Look at firdaus G and deco...they try to control handsome...hehe. And look at these guys..too much different ya...ya..sharil can be a papa bean...and how about this pic? arip playing good ah..if arip ask me to sing with him...pergh..i want it..i love it..because i love singing....hahhah..ya really...but good job simple but interesting. Hahahahahaha...muaaahhhhhh!!!....gezzzzz!!!but one thing happed last wednesday was....nana and dare they go beside arip and gave arip a flower..(kalau ade bunga tak daun jer...hahahaha..kesian arip..)..however, ngan slamber deco took it...and ngan slamber arip meneruskan nyanyian nyer...miss faezah...also laugh at that time...and we all too. Look at the right side....i think this part is the funniest ...ya really...look at those two girls..they were kneeing beside arip..hahahha, and arip only can laugh and continue his dare u gurls do like that. Anywhere you all "memang sporting"!!!! Go..go...Ok i think thats all for today and i will write again soon tired la..u know i spent couple of hours for this topics..however for me..posting this topic will satisfied myself and i feel free to write and taking of my hobbies is taking photos..ya..really..if you look into my computer...lots of my pics, other pics, family pics, 18PL, 18 SX...semua previous cam was canon, and was broken..i mean still functioning, but can't display the pics i bought new camera, it was Panasonic FX12..sticked LECIA far i satisfied with my cam...small, comfortable and powerful beb!!
OK now i want to take shower and will get dress..Then want to go to SACC mall...pas tu nak buke puasa ngan hapis kat luar kut...heheheh....anywhere, good luck you all and have a nice week u all!!!!!!!

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