Sunday, 23 September 2007

Presentation BEL490 Part 1

Well, what a very,very bad week ah? ya I'm sorry i couldn't update my blog for last few days. You know why? i was sick. Ya really....stresssss + tensionnnnnn = maybe will die. So this week end i want to update my blog and post some topics (i think interesting). Ya..last Wednesday, we've BEL presentation. Suppose to be 10 presenter but only 6 of us presented our topics because the other 4..i don't know..they gone..hahahahahah. Anywhere, madam get upset because some of the student came late, the laptop is not ready yet, some of the presenter also absent!!! hahahaah......i only can close and close my mouth and don't want to talk anything. Well, i suppose to be 5th presenter but have to be 1st presenter because the other 4 absent. I've started the presentation for i think 10-15 minutes. Damn shit!!! i forgot to ask someone to take pics during the presentation. So i couldn't upload my pics here...sorry friends. But I've talked about the dimensional of system thinking.
After i finished my presentation, the next presenter was miss tomato, i don't know why her name is tomato. Ya that is miss tomato, maybe her face like tomato. I mean the shape of her face. Ya really, if you look at her face, seems like tomato but cute isn't? she talk about..what ah?? mmmm..I'm not sure but i think it was about software failure in the terms of management. Ya something like that la. My comment?? should i? ya, i think so. Well i think shes OK and not too much depend on the slides but too much movement. I mean her body gesture should be improved.

Well the presentation followed by miss Murni. Hahah..Ya, thats rite! You can see her at the right side there ya!! with the "tudung putih"= white scarf and she talked about source code. is it? ya maybe. well, my comment? mmmmm....not bad la. Indonesian English say "sip-sip" means moderate. I think the problem was too much "mmmmm..ahhhhhhhhh" you know what i mean rite. Actually the problem with that is you not sure what do you want to talk about and sometimes, too much depend on what have you memorized. Your body gesture was better.
OK, next!!! miss Diana. She talked about e-commerce. I still remember her first slide was a men with lots of money. I thought she want to talk about how to be a millionaire. After that she told us she's topic was e-commerce. Firstly good English!! ya really, good body gesture, voice projection also not bad. But i think too long. know it. Anywhere good try but actually i not really attracted with the topic.

OK now yati's turn. Ya she's turn. She talked about something like software failure management. Ya i think so, something like that. Ans she gave 6 reasons. Mmmm...for me, the slides was beautiful (can i use this word to describe the slides?), but yati..can don't you think, you it is not suitable to present with that slide? if the audiences was childs, or primary school or maybe high school it was OK.But we are university students and in my opinion not suitable (I'm sorry). Good voice projection, good english, good body gesture.
And...that last presenter was lilin kecil (in English small candle)..hahhaha sound funny rite? actually her name is people called her Dije. She talked about, mmmm HCI. About interface. Mmmmm...i love this topic, and the slide also simple but interesting. I mean she can treat and attract you to listen to her. But the problem was...could i? of course!! body gesture is not professional. I mean your body gesture doesn't show that you are university student. And don't smile too much ya!! But still good in my opinion.

Well, that all for our BEL presentation, next Wednesday is the second group. And i want to take their pic and will upload it here. I want to be a photographer. Hahahah...But before that during the presentation there were still a few students "sempat berposing maut". hahaha....They actors and actress. And the students that i mentioned about are ana, sin chan, nis, yus and nana!! Ya look at them, with their own style!! hahaah!!!
Hahah..hoa about this one? he is sin chan...but actually i wonder la..why the rest of them called him sin chan..?mm...i have no idea. But he also one of them "yang posing maut". look at his fingers..peace all the time.aks! And the right side...
Ana (ana don't u know u look so cute there), followed by nana (hey, smile look so sweet), and followed Yus (hey, gurl with your own style?) hahah..anywhere but you all are happy go lucky. Ya really...busy-busy cam ne pun still can happy. how are u all dude? still penuh ke you all punyer puasa (in english fast). I hope la..Today i'm not fast, i ate chicken nugget. Aks! Ok, wanna comment? you are welcomed dude!!


dje' said...

haha.. 1st to comment *wink* how dare you to comment me. aku sepak br tau.. hehe..just kidding. i smiled a lot eh? haha.. aku nyer habit lah tu.. kunun2 nk cover nervous. really can't help it *sigh*.. selalunyer kalo aku nervous aku akan ketawa sakan. nsb bek x terjadi kt depan tu *shy*.. anyway thanks 4 the comment. really appreciate it *smile*

dje' said...

*addition* hey.. pls dun laugh at my 'lilin kecil' name *shy*... this name mean so much to is 'bout sumone... who is willing to sacrifice everything to whom she love.. but nobody knows to appreciate it..just like a little candle *sad*....

andrik said...

Heheh...TQ, ahhh...i c. Thats means there was a story about the "lilin kecil"? wow..interesting..may i know about it? if u don't mind, but if you mind, its ok. Hehehe!

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