Monday, 10 January 2011

Where to take your cars?

Hello everybody, I think it has been ages I didn’t look at my blog and now it’s time for me to have a little rest of my study and time for me to blog again. All the posts you’ve seen before were auto posts which I did about a month before. I am currently on final exam and kind of very busy actually. However, I would like to make a review about repair pal website. This website is very interesting because the main business is about car repair. In general all type of cars’ problems. When my friend car had its water pump problem about a month ago he went to repairpal website to get it repaired. He told me that they were very good and really knows what they were doing. Similar story of my brother in low who went to this company for his van as well. His van had timing belt problem and he could not work out how to repair it. It sounds very simple but you actually need a tool to do it. Anyway, he is very pleased with the service and also their final work on his van.

For those who live in Houston and looking for Houston auto repair, I would like to recommend this website as one of the best available on the internet. You guys can visit their website first and look at things that you may need to know before meeting them in flesh. Other than that, they also do ford expedition which is very interesting to know. Well i don’t know much about this but if you can visit their website to know more about this expedition. See you again guys. Bye :)

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