Tuesday, 18 January 2011


I have been very busy lately with my final exam but i still manage to find few country clubs because my brother in low who plays glof asked me last week to do so. I did it just yesterday and finsd this website is very useful. My first impression about their website was WOW. Really nice, clean and everything is very well organised. OK, but the most impotant is about the club. I usedto play glof (it was just for fun) years ago and after that i stopped because it hurts me so much.

But my brother in low is really good playing golf. So i found ANCAL COUNTRY CLUB a place for you to have a relaxing weekend, holidays or even a party. Even myself i can't believe this kind of country club exist on this earth. I looked through each of the pictures and properties and they were all breath taking. I love all the houses and the prices are so resonable as well compared to London. For thise who are looking for a place either to buy or to rent why don't you try this Ancala Real Estate?

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