Tuesday, 11 January 2011

I want my money back!!!!!

Yeah i managed to get back my 23 pounds from pcTool. Why? Because about 2 weeks before i purchased this virus remover online hoping that it will remove the virus from my laptop and my friend's laptop. Well, I have no doubt about its ability to remove and block viruses attacks but the problem was it slowed down both of our laptop. Since i do lots of programming + debugging, i need a fast laptop. I was unhappy because my laptop took ages to run and debug my program. I can't wait...arghhhh..so i decided to get back my money from them. The customer service was very helpful and i managed to get back my money. Yahoooo...i better check my paypal first to make sure the money is already in. :)


SJB AKA SUE J-B. said...

Benci betul saya kalau tu laptop too slow. Boleh jadi gila oh menunggu hahaha.

William said...

If you buy in Malaysia and a local product, you don't ever dream of getting your money back! Haha... exercise your consumer right. That is the way!

I hope you enjoy yourself there. Study hard, ok!

Stacey Dave said...

i don't like slow laptop/pc or internet also.. i'll be banging my keyboard & mouse!

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