Tuesday, 25 January 2011

2011's Mission

Hello everybody, i am back again with this blog. I am struggling to update this at the moment because i don't know what to update. I have been very busy applying jobs and i have received probably 3 rejections email so far saying that they can't take my application any further. Well, whatever..one of the reasons is A level result. I didn't take A level when i was in Malaysia. What for? if you have a degree why do you still want to see A level? Silly Bitch!!!!

OK..ok...i am upset at the moment but i am very excited to know that 5 sisters mountains gonna be my 2011's mission. Yeah you are right!!!! My tummy is upset in the past 2 weeks. I thought it was a bug tummy. Well, sometimes i thought it was an appendic because the pain was right under my right tummy (not in the tummy.)....Arghh..but luckily i feel much better today. Mmm..i hope it's not something bad....

I hope to climb these five mountain in a day in Summer...really like it so much xxxxxx

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