Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Canopy hanging bridge at Hot Spring Ranau

First of all is...it was best, fantastic and wonderful experience walking on a hanging bridge about 60 meters above the ground. Wow!!! I just loved it even though it was a little bit scary but such a wonderful experience. I never walked 60 meters above the ground on a hanging bridge before. Oh i think i had..it was Tamparuli hanging bridge but it wasn't that scary because it's on a river and the bridge is very strong. I mean it's not very shaky but walking on a canopy hanging bridge was very different experience and can be quite scary.


ch000tz said...

waaahhh the place looks awesome!

niij said...

wonderful experience..

Hafiz Hafizol said...

hurm.. nice.. jambatan gantung.. haha

Apple said...

Tat was scary fer God sake. Lol!

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