Friday, 23 September 2011

Kundasang Golf course with Kinabalu Mountain background

Guys, while updating this blog my feeling so low. For some reasons tonight i feel like my future has been destroyed. I know i should have be careful for every single thing i want to do. But recently i received a very sad news and it makes me feel very sad and i feel like i don't want to live anymore. I always want this thing but this time i didn't get it and it seems like i will never get it. I believe that i have what they want and i have the knowledge for it. I believe that i am flexible and i believe that my knowledge and skills will evolve as i'm in it. I have proved it when i get my fist class master degree. This is one of my ambitions and i have achieved it. Now i want to achieve one more..but it seems like i have failed to achieve it.

Anyway, last week was another fun holiday for me as i had the chance to go to Kundasang Golf course. It was a beautiful golf course because its becakground is kinabalu mountain. I wish i could have that sort of view infront of my house. Wow!!!! That should be fun. Take a look some of the pictures ya!!!

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