Monday, 1 October 2007

My favourite video clip this week

To all my friends, when you down, until you cried every night, until you get sick, until u lost your mind, until u think life is painful, until you don't know what to do, until Death is the solution...I'm sure you have to watch this video clipz, it was by Kelly Clarkson, and i think this is my favourite video clip this week until my sadness gone. It so sad leaved by someone that you really, really love....just because of small thing...anywhere my friends...check this out and you will found the meaning of sadness and you will know what life is and what love is!! Click here to watch this Video Clipz.


stranger by night said...

i agree wif u it's a great song..but one part of my life is where no matter how hard i try to make him realize that i'm doing my best for his sake but he hardly appreciate it.and it is so sadden.gud luck wif ur life ahead..cherish every moment wif all the person u care n love.

Andrik said...

At the moment, people said life is beautiful, life is love, life is for enjoy but at the same time I've life is just like an egg and it can be break anywhere because for me life is just for sadden.

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