Saturday, 23 August 2008

Shall I say the beauty of India?

Hola...long time can't update huh? busy lah. But anywhere are something i want you all to see the beauty of India. But shall i say the beauty of Inda? Hehehe...yeah maybe..i think good huh? so nice?? wonderful?? heheheh..but i can't live here lah. Of course i would die...hehehe...but anywhere..maybe they are happy with long as happy lah.

i think the most crowed train

in malaysia we wil kill the rat (makan padi bah tuh tikus)..but in India??kena bagi susu lagi

oh yeah...just do it .hehe

oh yeah...public school.??? a bus? LOL

VIP toilet? but doesn't look like VIP toilet pun..

LOL...great star bucks...


Oh...yeah this is really only in India..heheh

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