Monday, 25 August 2008

Oh yeah, applying my master degree

Oh yeah folks, early last week i decided to continue my studies for master degree. Yeah...yeah..i know, actually my lecturer and and also my sisters encouraged me. So..what can i do? its ok lah. No problem "ok jah kalau ko". Hehehe and at the same time i'm "hunting" a scholarship from goverment of sabah. Well, atually i know its so difficult since i'm the only one still studying in my family and also the youngest (anak boungsu katakan..). But just try and in case if i get of course i'm happy. Wish me luck for both my scholarship and master degree applications. TQ.

So these are the forms that i should fill in

Oh yeah..i'm excited actually

Hopefully i will get it..

I definetly will choose coursework and full time. hehehe


eLiyaShaKa said...

wish u luck andrik!!nti palan2 sambung phD pula...

Andrik McVean said...

@eliya...thanks..kalau buli mau sambung phd sbl umur 30. hehehe..kalau urang mau jadi jutawaan sbl umur 30 sia pula mau ambik PHD sbl umur 30..heheh

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