Thursday, 29 January 2009

Dalit Beach Tuaran

As usual, i haven't finish yet to post some of my pictures when i was in Sabah.
I have a lot of things to share with all my blogger friends. After i went to Lok Kawi, the next day i went to Dalit Beach tuaran and its about 30 mins drive from my parents house. As usual, we had a very good time together with my nieces, nephews and also with my sisters. We cook at home and took the foods on the beach and we had our very late lunch on the beach. It was tiring day actually because we lost the way to the beach. Lastly we have no choice and my sister ask the villagers area that place so we got the direction. The beach was so clean compared to the beach around KK. Even tanjung Likas and Tanjung Aru, the beaches a bit polluted already. Compared to the beaches in Tuaran, it was so nice and so clean. So guys, here are some of my funny and good time when i was on the beach. we all timbun the sand on him and we he changed a girl but has a dick..LOL

LOL..its good my little nephew said

LOL..matilah my nephew at the bottom

I was so happy that time...

Oh...its nice

Its me and my sister also jump like me..nice pic isn't?

Yeah...very nice clean.

And its me..gatal suda tuh badan mau

My nephew..the photographer

I drive this car to the beach..

P/s: I missed the NIOSH's course today and I have attend it again next week. BTW i am so excited to start my job on monday. hehehe...i'm off to georgetown now..bye..see u later


C.Alv.B said...

Take care Andrik..

Andrik McVean said...

hi sumandak..thanks..take care too xxxxx

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