Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Lastly I accept this job after I refused four jobs

As promised, lastly i accept this job after i refused four jobs before. Here are the job i refused before;

1. PHP and MySQL programmer > Middlesex, UK (refused becuase of family did not agree)
2. Database admin with DELL > Cyberjaya, KL (Refused because They want me to work as soon as possible and i haven't completed my IBM professional certificate that time)
3. Software Specialist > KL (Refused because they wanted to send me for training in KL and i really dont think i can cope with the busyness in KL)
4. Software Developer > Penang (I refused because this is not really my first priority )
5. Software Engineer > Penang (accepted because this is what i really want and what i admire in my career)

Hi Andrik,
Mr. Cheah has confirmed your employment as Software Engineer with Axis Team Merit. Your commencement date is on 2nd Feb 09. Please report to work at 9am, contact Mr. Cheah at 012-503xxxx when you reach Motorola Mayang Mall. Your basic salary is RM2xxx + Allowance RMxxx = RMxxxx (cukup makan lah...and better than my friends work in KL).
Please be informed that you have to attend National Institute Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) on 29th January 2009 at 9am, arranged by Axis Team Merit. You must attend the course before start work. Here are the information needed to NIOSH:
1. I/c photocopy
2.1 copy of photograph
3. RM75 (keep the receipt)
Once you complete the course, kindly drop by to Motorola Mayang Mall, contact Mr. Cheah to sign for your contract. Kindly submit information as below to Mr. Cheah:
1. Ic photocopy - 2copies,
2. Photograph - 2copies
3. Maybank account number
4. EPF number
Please find the attached of NIOSH map for your reference.
Should you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact me at 012-473 xxxx.
Thanks& regards,

P/S: Some of the info is p&c . By the way ,Where is NOISH in Penang???? anyone know??


kaitorword said...

congratulation !! dapat kerja sda ko ah..nanti kalau sda dapat gaji ko belanja kami ah...

Wel^Beiolman said...

wah..p penang ka andrik...bedekat suda kita ni..buli la ko belanja sia ni kan..haha..keja sama motorola ka..ohhh...axis team merit..hehe...congratulation kio..NIOSH?Inda pena dingar o..

dje' said...

nnt jngn lupa belanja.... :p
keje rajin2 k... :)

.::EliyaShaka::. said...

welcome to penang..
tp sy pun ndak tau di mana NOISH tu

Andrik McVean said...

@kitarword...yah dapat keja suda sy nie after i refused 4 jobs before...heheh

@well....yakan well? buli lah kita jumpa nie kalau ada masa..dakat suda kita..hehehe

@dje'...thanks dje' ko pun keje rajin2 yer (hahaha) nanti maser konvo leh ko blanja aku...hehehe

@eliya...thanks sumandak..hehehe...sy pun nda tau mana tuh NOISH...cuba ko try tanya kawan2 ko..mana tau diorang tau

kuai said...

Wah... congratulation to dear andrik... badakat kamu sama c wel ni uda... nanti kalo sa p Penang sa cari kamurang la ni... teda lain.. hahahaha

good day!

-Beck; the Bandagedknee- said...

;) heheh congratulation andrik.. ;) good for u.. u hav many company q up for ur services.. lol.. xD baa.. mcm yg 1st comment ckp.. lol xD blnja kamaaaa! :D lol xD

C.Alv.B said...

Bah congrats Andrik..sampai Penang nanti jgn lupa update lagi ko punya keraja sama kami kio..anyway, nanti kalau sa dtg sana ko belanja arr...hehehehe..see good things happen after the cloud..God Bless!!

Andrik McVean said...

@kuai..thanks kuai..ya badakat uda kami nie...hopefully ada masa for us to meet up for a coffee or for aramai tii..hahaha..

@beck..thanks so much beck..this is what we call rezeki from God..hehehe

@c.alv.b thanks for u too sumandak..yes its true there is a sunshine after the dark cloud

Jason Goh said...

Hi andrik, I am Jason Goh. Recently i got a call from Axis Team Merit and my interview is coming near. What will be the interview question? And what did they ask you during the interview? Please help me. Urgent. Thanks bro...

Jason Goh said...

Hi Andrik,

Recently i got a call from Axis Team Merit. They schedule an interview for me this week. What would normally they asked during the interview? Please help me

Andrik McVean said...

hallo Jason...actually they ask some questions related in your field, and they usually will see how are you going to introduce yourself to them. please do not speechless when talking with them or nervous. they did not ask about the company. If you get hired you will work under Motorola. However, this company is specialize in Radio frequencies. But once again, the questions are depends on your position. I was offered as software engineer so they ask me quite a lot about programming.

- yinchang - said...

hi andrik...recently axis team merit has schedule a interview for me..May i know what they asked you in the interview? did you asked to do some test and write some programming code in the interview?can you give me some tips for this interview?thanks ya!

Andrik McVean said...

hello yinChang..thanks and congrates for the interview..actually they will ask about yourself and they will see how are you going to introduce yourself to them. After that, they will be an engineer will come and will ask you about programming. Either C++, java, PHP,, ASP..or what ever...Last time, they ask me a lot of questions about programming. For example..they want you to write sort function in number or alphabetic,,,and they want you to explain it. After that...they will give you an array with a set of values..for example array[4,5,6,7,1,2]..and they will ask you to create an algorithm to select second higest number or third higest number...if you don't know how to answer at least you must be able to explain the logic behaid the algorithm ..i answered all the questions correctly last time...so good luck in your interview..

- yinchang - said...

Thanks for the tips!! :)

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