Monday, 26 January 2009

I am back to my blog..hehehe - Lok Kawi Wild Park- are you all guys? long time not see ya!!! Hehehe...first of all i could not update my blog because i was in Sabah and I really dont want to see my blog because i wanted to spend all my time with my family. I missed them a lot. What i've done when i was in Sabah, i drove from one place to another places. was really wonderful time. I had a very sweet, intresting, wonderful, happy, etc (or whatever) time when i was in Sabah last time. In fact I celebrated last year's x'mas with all my family and it was really nice. So let me post some of my pictures here when i was in sabah. First is Lok Kawi Wild Park.

Wah...its my something to the ostrich..(jari dia kana gigit..LOL)

Thats what we call as memerang (bukan bongol kah nie dalam bahasa dusun?)


Oh yeah..this is ular sawa (python)..masih kecil lagi nie

And this is orang cute..tapi dia tumbuk tuh pelancung dari india..hancur kamera tu pelancung india..ganas juga tau..

Those elepents are so rouge..

Oh..thats my assistant (anak buah yang rajin tul ikut2 sia jalan2 pusing sabah)

And its me..kaki jalan we are..

My brother in laws

And my sisters..hehehe

My next post is about my job offer and also my trip to Dalit Beach


-Beck; the Bandagedknee- said...

hehe.. :) lov ur pictures trip! :) ehehe..

Andrik McVean said...

I had a very nice and wonderful time in was really exciting...

cOLoeVee said...

hi! :)
i know ur niece corn! (saw her pic)
Btw, Is ur sis pregnant? (D one with umbrella & orange plastic bag)

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