Friday, 27 November 2009

Bungkusan Langsat dari sabah telah sampai..hehehe...

Dig dong!!! Someone pressed the apartment's bell. I was with my laptop that time busy with my things. Ding dong!!! the bell pressed again. I said to myslef...argh...i don't care who comming i want to do this. But strangely nobody open the door. So i slowly moved away frm my laptop and try to look outside trough the other window of the apartment. I saw a guy holding something and i was wondering if it was a guy from the other floor wanted to give something to me. I opened the door and i did not know the guy and i said Yes..may i help you?". And the postman said..."yes is Mr. Andrik here?" and i said "Yes am Mr.Andrik ". He looked at me and he said "Ok..ada bungkusan untuk kamu" and he handed the pack to me. I looked on it and i say my name and my sister's name were written on it. So i signed the form that i need to do and say thank you to him.

I went to the kitchen and took a knife and started to open the pack. Wow...i cannot believe it. LANGSAT BAH DALAM DIA!!!!! and i straight went to my bedroom took my HP. I rang my sister and i said.. "uiiii...kamu kasih kirim sy langsat kah?". She laughed and i am so happy..lastly i can eat langsat after a few years i didnt. I guess we can find the langsat in penang but not sure where. At once i thought i've seen it but dont remember whether it was in Penang or in Thailand. you gooo laju..only one day from sabah to penang

dalam kotak kasut bah..hehehe

Wah...can't wait

P/S: I cannot watch shows its 4.43 am but my eyes say don't sleep!!!!!


Gallivanter said...

Looks delicious!!!

Andrik McVean said...

oh yes..memang sedap..heheh

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