Sunday, 1 November 2009

Over night with my Dutch friend

Oh right....i canceled my trip to Thailand this week end so what i did was stayed over night with my Dutch friend at Gurney Drive. Well, we love the place and we decided to stayed up until 4 am (or probably 3.30 am) that night. U know what? I drank and ate a lot. Gosh!!!!! But mind u, we enjoyed ourself there. Just a quick post as i have a meeting with someone (actually me and Vincent and other stranger..LOL!). Here are the pictures that night. Fist went to Coffee island and went to Mr.Pot.

3 am we had heavy breakfast..Vincent had that beautiful spegetti

He started to put the food into his mouth..tasted it

M.mmm..nice? hehehe

We went to coffee island at gurney drive and had those stuffs..LOL!

I had watermelon juice first and he had lemon juice?

Mmm...he is thinking

EE IS is becomes coff land..hahah

P/S: I miss sabah so much...i am dying coz i miss bambangan, tuhau and bosou..where could i get them in penang? Please..i am crawling missing those dishes

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