Thursday, 26 November 2009

The good and bad working with Motorola. Based on my experience

Since my last post about Motorola acceptance I've received quite a few emails asking about this company. I've been working with Motorola for almost a year and i can say it was good but not excellent. I mean there are good sides and bad sides (not really bad sides but i just didn't enjoy it). Anyway i enjoyed my programming and also my web applications development parts. Lets talk about -ve and +ve sides of Motorola in Penang.

The +ve sides

- I love my role as a software engineer and i feel so proud of myself with every single project i've completed.

- No need to punch card. No worry about red mark or black mark on your card. No punch card anyway.

- Flexible time work. It does not matter what time you arrived at the office as long as you work 8 hours per day!!!! thats fine!!

-Salary increment is twice a good. Even bonus also twice a year. For example if your basic salary is RM3500 and your performance for the last 6 months was 90%. It means your salary increment is 0.09 x RM3500 = RM315. If you can maintain your performance in the next 6 months 90% means your next salary increment is 0.09 x RM3815 (remember your basic salary became RM3500 + RM 315) = RM 343.35. This means within a year your salary increment could be RM700!!!
My last performance was i'm glad of it!!! Buli lah cari makan!!

-You can work from home as long as you can submit your work on time.

- A lot of fun at the office. I mean dinner, team building, moto mania and many other activities.

- I've learned something which is very valuable to my future career. They called it Automation Testing. I've learned the script and the process. Wow...i loved it a the beginning but after sometimes...i felt bored.

The -ve Sides
- Motorola is a huge multinational company and since i am a new engineer with them. They don't really care about you particularly when you are exchanging opinions with the senior engineers. No matter how good your opinions are, they will put it to the lowest priority.

-Since i am the only "hard core programmer" (pheweeeitttt!!!) in my department, i felt a bit lonely and stress especially when i am developing a web application that required me a lot of hard work and skills. The other engineers don't really know about programming because they are specialized in doing testing. So when i asked about the development side...they don't know. Pity me!!! I squeezed my brain for every single project I've handled.

- I did not have the chance to strengthen my programming skills because there is no someone better then me in programming part in my department. So i just slightly above from where i was. I was expecting to learn more in Java but no one could program Java in my department. So a bit disappointing actually. It's a pity actually because Motorola Penang is specialized in doing testing instead of development.

Anyway, there you go...i've listed some good and bad things working with a multinational company and maybe you would like to consider my review about Motorola. Think about it friends!!! I didn't say they are good or bad but i said they are pros and cons.

P/S: I am still counting my day to leave Motorola. In 2 weeks time I will be leaving!!!!! At this moment so busy with my visa applications going to the UK. At the same miss sabah so much. I knew i don't have time to spend in sabah because i might be leaving for the UK in the first week of Jan 2010.


Wel^Beiolman said...

wah...good achievement..

about pros and cons...every company has it and none is perfect..depends on individual..

from what you've listed above..I could're lucky to have started your career with a brand name in the eye of the world and managed to learn few new things...

matter of time saja you could move on to another company for another challenge then excel from there onwards...

sometimes big company does not have time to see through each employers yet it is just a matter of time to be a saying goes...every company in the world is 'looking' who's the loyal servant and who's not...who's willing to strive to a greater height of achievement in the company who's've just been there for a year..yet you've got quite high salary increment which quite difficult to find if you were working with others....

moving to will be a new chapter in your life then and all the best kio andrik..hehe...

2-3 years is the best period to see how or what you could have achieved in a company..hehe...

Andrik McVean said...

wah panjang ko punya nasihat well...thank u..thank you for the support as well. ntah lah nie well..if i got a job in the uk.mimang sy take the opt...kalau malaysia...not sure i can get back to motorola..but if can i dont want lah....want to try other company :)

Lett said...

Mesti ko kenal si Henry Design Engineer sana Motorola Bayan baru kan? urg sabah juga tuh... hehe

Lett said...

Mesti ko kenal si Henry Design Engineer sana Motorola Bayan baru kan? urg sabah juga tuh... hehe

Andrik McVean said...

yakah lett? siapa nama penuh dia? sy inda berapa kenal lah...ramai gak yang nama henry sana tuh....cuba ko bagi sy nama penuh dia...buli gak sia kontek dia...mana tau buli lunch sama2...hehehe..busan sy di opis nie cakap english jah...mau gak sy cakap slang sabah nie...

chandra said...

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