Saturday, 7 November 2009

Went to coffee Island at Gurney Drive again

Yeah, I was so tired last week and this week end i am looking for somewhere to get some rest of my horrible days in the office. Last week end me and vincent went to one of our favourite places. It was Coffee Island!!!! the cafe facing the sea and we love the athmosfera over there. I think Sabah is much better ins't? I mean plus the boradwalk (correct me the name) that has been build and also facing the be wonderful. Anyway..i am going back to Kay-kay as soon as i get my Visa. Mmmm...can't wait...I rang my sister and mum....

Me: are u?
Mum: I am okey but your dad is not doing well. He is unwell. He been to the DR anyway.
Me: Okey....(I've spoken to my dad for about 10 mins and he passed the phone back to mum)
Mum: How are u anyway?
Me: OK jah sy nie (I am fine..). Mie, cam mana suda tuh bambangan? bebuah juga kah?
Mum: Bebuah juga tuh...banyak buah dia.......
Me: Kamu inda buat jinaruk kah?
Mum: Buat lah nie....kakak ko sedang buat
Me: Wahhhhh....bah kamu buat banyak2 mau bawa jinaruk pi England nie...
Mum: (she's laughing)

Anyway...back to my "report" LOL! We went to the place again and as usual we spend most of the time just looking around and eating..

Vincent is eating his noodles..

I am the rileks guy....I had it!

Here is the cafe..Nice but i think KK is better!!

See the creamy Mocha...and a bowl of soup

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