Friday, 20 November 2009

How to cook noodles? Believe me this is much better than using boiled water.

Huh...I think its been a week i didn't blog because i was so busy with the new project requested by the manager. Unfortunately, i am the only one hard core programmer (pheweeitttt!!!) in my department and i have no choice to escape form it. So i really have to stick on it and this week is really horrible for me because i have to struggle to finish the project within a week. Not really actually..i mean i do have 2 weeks time but i wanted to finished it this week because i will be busy after 21st of Nov for these and that. Anyway...i wanted to post the pictures of mine cooked something but i didn't have the time. And today, i finished my work this afternoon and yeahhh.....i'm free now!!!! Last week i cooked special noodles with some salads (i cooked it..dare u to believe?LOL!) egg and also sausages...oh yes..another one is baked beans and of course the chili paddy. Okey...okey....lets have a look what I've cooked.

I love this kitchen...even though i used it occasionally

I love cooking
With an egg..i love it
Wow...i started it
Wow...nice baked beans and egg
Mix em' together...dare to believe?
Omg..they were melted on my tongue with a glass of fresh milk..
Wow..look..can u see something on the top???? chilies...bebe!!!

P/s: Its been 10 months i didn't cook and i missed it so much. I'll be back to sabah in Dec and cannot wait to cook more dishes for my family. BTW, i am counting how many days more to go before leave Motorola for the UK!!!!


eLSa said...

wahhh..bulih masuk pertandingan maggie...kalau menang dpt 20k oh...

Anonymous said...

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maslight said...

I'd cook something like that but not with that many toppings orz. I'd add eggs and garlic most of the time ;) coz I love it so much.

Andrik McVean said...

@elsa..heheheh..yes memang buli masak pertandingan maggie nie...

@maslight...i like many toppings..hehehe the more the better

indahnyasisuria said...

would love to try this one.. look delicious..

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