Friday, 5 March 2010

Just a quick post

I am currently waiting the next class and sttting on this wooden chair. After i finished checking my facebook, replied a few emails, now i've got this very little time to update my tiring and cold. Well, so far i've got 3 tests and i failed 2 of them and it was very very fustrating. We have 8 tests in total and 6 will be counted 60% for this subject. I have failed two of them and i could not afford to fail for the next test anymore. This means i must pass all the 5 tests otherwise i will be crying :((

Anyway..finished the 4th test this morning and it suppose to be okey for me and i do hope God will help me and He saw my strive and effort in that test. Amen.....


gadis borneo said...

all the best to u :) gudluck..jan stress2...hihi

Uncle Greg said...

good luck bro.

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