Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Shall I say good bye to the winter?

Ceh!!! Look at me...i posed infont the camera just exactlly like a grumpy men. He..he..he..he. The picture was taken about 3 weeks ago before i went to the class. I thought the snow has gone that time and when i got up that morning i saw white everywhere and i felt so fed up again. I don't like the snow anyway!!!! I like warm weather with high humudity. It reminds me the weather at Kinabalu Mountain. Huh....I miss my hometown so much. I miss Sabah, Penang and of course Malaysia. I can't wait to go back there and enjoy the sunshine. At the same time i am really looking forward this comming summer. Anyway, it's march and Spring is comming actually. In fact, i saw flowers are blooming this morning and the England is becomming colourful.

Anyway...i arrived at the campus then i was going back to home and here is the picture was taken when i was on the university bus. It was snowing again since 8 am until about 2 pm. Wow...laster of that night i saw thick snow all over the place.

P/S: Huh...hope no more snow until the next winter....:))

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exonian said...

PG was far too hot during CNY but the heat and humidity are much better than the cold and snow.

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