Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Shall I say welcome "Spring"

Well, well, well, isn't easy. I am a bit confused to myself between here or there. Both are nice and very very still very very confused!!!!! I just feel so speechless, sad, miserable and sometimes i wish i could cut myself to two parts and give each of them. Huh...yesterday i was walking on the garden and i saw flowers and they were si beautiful. As beautiful as their hearts!!!! I could not resist myself and switched on my camera and took some pictures of them. I still not sure whether what i'm going to do is the right decision or not. I could not afford to break their hearts beause i knew how it feels being a broken heart. Arghhhhhhhhh............

Anyway...looks like Spring is comming soon (am still waiting though) and hopefully spring brings me a bit happiness. Hopefully summer will bring a big change to me. I'm getting exausted with life and i do hope i will keep standing on my foot and keep walking until i found the light that i'm looking for.

P/s: I Love 'em i greedy???

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dje' said...


tengok pada bunga2 yang baru nak tumbuh.

walaupun sebelumnya dilitupi salji, tapi akhirnya tetap tumbuh semula. dan berkembang jadi bunga2 yang cantik.

there will always be the light of hope, as long as we dont give up.


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