Friday, 4 February 2011

Strangest questions asked by passengers on board

Few days, I was rushing trying to catch the next train at Kings Cross to Hatfield. I saw London Evening Newspaper on a rack in St.Pancres building and I thought i'll take it to read while on the train. So i took and thanks God I managed to catch the train (I actually almost missed it). Anyway, the story is like this, there was a section on the newspaper about strangest questions.
Virgin Media collected few strangest questions from their Stewards and stewardess. After 5 years in collecting "data" here are some top six strangest questions ever asked by the passengers.

6. Can I have McDonald please?
5. Could you please show me where the shower is?
4. Could you please help me to find my eye?
3. Can I have a slice of cake and my dog would like to have a cup of tea and a massage
2. The engine is so noisy. I can't sleep. Can you please turn it off?
1. Could you please open the window?

LOL!!!! I wonder what sort people they are.

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