Friday, 4 February 2011

Worry with my Supervisior

I am in my final semester and doing my thesis @ dissertation at the moment. I have just been assigned to a supervisor this week, his name is Ray. Mmmmm...I sent him a couple of emails about my dissertation topics and asked him about his availability. Unfortunately, It has been 3 days and I'm still waiting for his reply. I feel a little bit upset as I really want to make a final decision about my dissertation topic this week. I really hope to hear from him very soon ;(

----------Here is one of my emails to him------------------
Hi Ray,  My name is Yambu Andrik Rampun one of your MSc final project students. I would be pleased to know your availability to discuss about my dissertation topic. I would also like to know what kind of topics would you prefer or expect for your students to do. Here are a few topics that I would like to do for my dissertation;  The first topic is very much development based  1. A web based UK Mountain Information System Target audience: Tourists (Climbers) Scope: the highest mountains within the UK Description: Web Based Mountain Information System is an online information provider for climbers; it has sophisticated features that are not only accessible via PCs but mobile phones. By accessing the website climbers can see/use the following features  - Panoramic 3D from the top of the mountain. Without climbing the particular mountain, climbers are still can see the view from the top of the mountain. For climbers who want to climb the mountain it gives at least a rough idea about what they will see from the top of the mountain (often a real motivator for climbing the mouton but this information is often almost impossible to obtain), weather permitting. 
- Online map which is accessible via mobile. The map provided on the website is accessible via mobile and by checking into the system climbers can see their current location in the mountain with next decision point along their chosen route. This means, climbers do not have to take a paper based map with them when climbing the mountain. 
- Calories burned - One of the questions that often occurs to the fitness fanatics, is how many calories are burned from the starting point to the top and from the top back to the starting point. 
- 3D depiction of the mountain. Before climbing the mountain it is always helpful for the climbers to get to know how the mountain looks like and it is much better giving them a 3D view instead of just 2D pictures. This feature allows the climbers to rotate the 3D mountain and see the mountain from different angles becoming more aware of the best landscape features to view, and safety hazards to beware of. 
- Live weather and weather forecast - Knowing the mountain's weather forecast is always handy especially to the climbers and so often climbers ascend the mountain in the hope of seeing a great summit view, only to be disappointed when it's shrouded in mist! So the latest specific forecast in valuable in confirming the decision to climb the mountain. 
-Fitness level required - Minimum fitness level required to climb the mountain. This is very important to make sure that the climber knows his/her capability to climb the mountain 
- General information- Such as accommodation availability, how to go there, the height of the mountain, the length of the path, difficulty level, charges (if any), contact details, etc.  Here are two additional possible topics which are research based:-  1. Gender differences in programming - investigating the differences in programming done by male and female.  2. Detecting user's gender and age range on e-commerce websites based on their activities. This enables the company to display the right adverts to the right target audience based on the the user's gander and age range. this could be very interesting topic especially its advantages but i prefer to explain more when we are meeting face to face.   Thanks, Andrik R

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