Tuesday, 26 April 2011

I am back (Just for a moment) - What's up to me

Hello everybody, boys and girls...i am back again today but just for a few moment. I am currently very very busy doing my master thesis since early this year. I missed my blog really. I do...sometimes when i was in the library all i can do is just to have a look of my blog. I have been so busy since in early Feb and getting busier . In 3 weeks more time it's gonna be my thesis submission (16 of May). Yeah!!!! The day that i should remember really. I can't wait to finish my study and i really want to travel to Europe after May. Arghhhhh!!!!!! I am under pressure at the moment and I hope i can cope with all of these.

Anyway, I am doing the evaluation of my project at the moment and it is actually the final chapter of my thesis. I have 9 chapters all together and wow...each chapter consists of around 30 pages and some of the chapters have more pages. I was like what the heck???!!!!! Yeah i can tell you that i am dying but pretending to be okay (I'm a great pretender...LOL!). Well, actually my Becholar's thesis had 500 pages..but of course it was much easier. This master project is development and research = much more complicated. Jezzzzzzzz....it's a warning to those students who want to take engineering courses. But if you are Interested in software engineering as well, Learn more at great engineering degrees for the very best suggestions.

Since i was busy since early Feb this year i think i have missed lots of interesting reality TV shows? Yeah..such as American Idol, BGT, Mentor and AF....and lots moreeeeeee.....i just sometimes can watch them from youtube but guess what..i don't really have time to watch all clips..only my Favorite contestants. The rest? I could not care more....Ohhhh.....i am now eating my crips and a cup of coffee...mmmmm..sounds like a great combination really. Anyway....see you again soon and i promise to update my blog very slowly starts today LOL!!!

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