Friday, 29 April 2011

Have you heard about wikiLeaks?

Have you heard about this site? This site has been months and i have heard about it before. My indian friend told me about it but it never triggered me to browse the website. Until today, few minutes ago i did!!!! well guess what? lots and lots of information and i am very impressed + surprised. In fact, i thought i was reading P&C documents on the site. Could be a bit scary tho. But hey, it's all about sharing and this site's intention is to make the government a public which i agree in certain points. For those of you who want to know about it do check out this site and you will say to yourself "Wow...i can't believe am reading this."

P/S: I can imagine they have professional agents who are in many organisations and sending those documents from one region to another region. They also accept documents from the public and they will approve it. I think this is the most dangerous part (accepting documents from the public). I do not care as long as i enjoy reading it.

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