Thursday, 28 April 2011

International conference on e-learning - My thesis is nominated

Wow!!! Check it out check it out guys... After a long strive a good news came to the corner. Yeah..My supervisor is so impressed with my thesis and he took the abstract of my paper and submitted it to the international conference on e-learning which will be held in Brighton in Nov this year. Wow!!!! What a surprise and i am so impressed!!! I never thought my thesis is as good as that? Well, it seems like if my project is finalized then i will be in Brighton in Nov this year to present my thesis. a bit nervous tho. But i hope i will manage for it. LOL!! Anyway..i know i can do it and i feel so excited about it. I am still busy finalizing my thesis at the moment and i hope i can write a good report analysis. OK guys..since i got an email from my supervisor about this my feeling is always over the moon and what can i say? nothing but i feel like "did i really do that?" and "am i that good?" ....well....whatever....i am ready for anything. Bye all...see you in my next post. :-)

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