Tuesday, 28 October 2008

It was my happening week end

I just so happy......happy...happy.....happy...lastly i met my all my nices in KL and Penang. Thanks God.

We had gathering at KLCC and it was really wonderful moment. After almost a year we didnt meet, lastly last week we met togather. It was really difficult to find our free time. Yeah...i had planned it last months but sadly we can't meet because everybody busy with studies. After tried hard lastly we met at KLCC. It was really fun. Well...u know i didn't meet them for almost a year and lastly we met. We had loud laugh. So many things we've chatted.


Beck the BandagedKnees said...

heheh they r all girls oo.. lmao!! u r among babesss! :D heheh nice one.. ^_^

bz ko kan andrik..? ;) hehee

april RD said...

I'm happy for u jg la...

eLiyaShaKa said...

the only tanak wagu bah giaaa...huhu.

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