Thursday, 23 October 2008

I've test my system and 8 more to go

Hi friends, to all bloggers. How is life? Hope life is ok. My life is so terrible at this moment u know. I have to go many places to test my system. I've done some improvement as April said. Actually i will be off to KL and Serdang tonight. Coz i need to meet another 5 respondent regarding to my system. Huuuu...hope i have enough energy. I think i have coz i went to bed at 7 o'clock in the morning and got up at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. I feel that was my real rest. So nice!!!! Now my enegry is 70% recovered. However i need 100 plus. Later i will buy one. I'll be back tommrow morning. Hopefully i can finish chapter 5 and 6 before monday.

OK, yesterday i met April at Kenanga 3 (where she staying). So as she said on her blog...between the reality and illusion. I knew her from her blog and she knew me frm the same way. she met me and I met her. O ya, thanks so much to her and her friends. They are so nice..Thanks once more time for being my respondents. We chat so many things from campus life to politics to economy, etc....hahahah...also about TOEFL. April...sorry because i really not sure where is kuala penyu (She shock like monkey coz i did not know where is kuala penyu..heheheh). I will buy a sabah map....hahahaha

OK guys, i will be off to Serdang and KL tonight, so just leave me message ya. Will be back tmrw.


Beck the BandagedKnees said...

lol andrik.. ^_^ kala2 sia oo.. ko ni.. hahah!! ^_^ well i dont know kuala penyu either.. but.. im sure i heard the places somewer in sabah.. lol ^_^ im bad in maps too.. but who cares.. haha! ^_^

anyway~ kenangaaaaa~ hmmmm.. kenanagaa! ^_^ hahha!! that's near seroja! lol.. ^_^ i was in kenaga too.. before change to seroja.. hahah!!.. i still have the kenanga residency shirt! yg baju kuning lengan panjang tu! hahah!!.. seroja hav worst shirt ever!!! eww.. better than mawar laa.. lol.. hahah!! ^_^ baa man2 ko si andrik! :)

april RD said...

Andrik… well we’re happy to help… sepa la tia t’kejut beruk kalu kampong dia tia dikenali…..u bttr get the map soon…LOL…ya we did talk bout TOEFL pula kan, me forgot o… ba ya la…hope to see u again. GBU

Kengkaru Kong said...

aiseh.... belajar jangan tia belajar

Andrik McVean said...

@beck...hahahah...actually i also know kuala penyu is somewhere in sabah bah but i just dont know where is the exact location of kuala i thought kuala penyu is somewhere in sandakan or tawau. many things we chat bha kan? macam2 nie..until the hot topic (not satisfy being malaysia)

@thanks kengkaru...ko di new zealand suda kah nie?

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