Sunday, 19 October 2008

Thanks to 100 plus

This is a "man" who boosts my energy

Hello guys, i just got back last night around 11 pm. I am so tired. Very..very tired u know. I had time in KL and Serdang (at my nieces). I went to KL city about 3 pm afternoon last friday and met some friends at Istana Hotel. We had a very late lunch at there. After that, we went to BB plaza and Pavilion (I hate these places actually). Nothing to do actually and i didn't buy anything because the prices are very expensive. Sorry...i can't afford. LOL! Then that night we spend to *Tuttttttttttttt* (sorry sensored). Just to cuci mata and having fun at there. Late night i got back at shah alam. Actually i was too tired but i wonder to myself because after went to the night club and got back i still can finish one chapter of my final project (it was 30 pages). So i went to bed at 7 o'clock in the morning. I got up early saturday about 11 am. My nieces rang me and invited me go to their place. And i said " problem!!". So i took the train from Shah alam to KL sentral and from KL sentral to Serdang. Excellent..we had a small party at there, even though just 4 peoples (but doesn't metter). Huuuu....we went around Serdang (not too much to see actually) with my niece's car. Until very late night, as usual we went to *tutttttttttttt *(sorry..again sensored). Got back around 2 o'clock. I stayed with my nieces. So sunday morning, as usual we spent too much time around serdang...just cuci mata and waste some money actually. Yes..really we were wasting some money by doing something very useless (bagus kalau kaya banyak duit..LOL) at night time we went to karaoke center but before that we went to bowling center (yes sia menang lawan diorang). lastly i got back at shah alam flat number 41 about 11.30 pm. tired.....BUT THANKS TO 100 PLUS. 100 PLUS is a booster. Gives me more i'm writing this post about 4.44am. I will be in bed soon. I just finish another parts of my research project.


Beck the BandagedKnees said...

hahah!! WB andrik! ^_^ wb! ^^ haha.. u sure u not dancing like ur babe down there.. i mean the pic! LOL ^_^ hehehe.. tiapa baa.. to release tension kan..? ;) BBKK andrik.. its cool! haha! beside shah alam kan a bit.. hell-like place..? hahha!!.. ^_^ bah2.. rock on! ;)

Mell_f said...

wah,sgt happening weekend ko kan. bukan selalu kan. hehe. belum exam ka?

april RD said...

really 1oo plus? i wonder why i never like the taste...

Andrik McVean said...

@beck...i did beck..i dance like orang mabuk..huhuhu..even though i didn't drink..just coke..but i dance like crazy

@mell..yes was happening week end...huhu...but tiring

@april...usually female doesn't like 100 plus..diorang suka yang manis2 jah

urang ranau said...

andrik, smpi kana tut...apa juga tampat tu ah??? hik hik hik. btw i heart 100 plus.

Andrik McVean said...

@urang ranau...yabah...talampau secret bah..kalau kamurang tau nanti inda bagus mata memandang..LOL
ala..perempuan mimang inda suka 100 plus...diorang suka yang manis2 jah kan?

cicak said...

yo andrik! give me a high five!

i loooveeeeeeee 100 Plus too!
i used to hate it but now i'm sort of addicted to it.

boost boost booster!

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