Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Its me had my dinner again

Argh.....first of all, what i'm going to say is SHIT!!!! because i took my camera with me but.....i really forgot to take pic of the foods. At the end of it...i just took two of them. I don't know why, I think maybe because i talked too much so that is why i forgot it. Oh SHIT!!!! one more time. The time i realized is my last 2 meals. And that were my kueh tiaw soup and dessert. Oh..its ok, nevermind. So what now? This afternoon i was so tired running around with my friend. You know what? Because we want were looking for Christmas acessories. my friend said to me tired today and why not we have our dinner at Hotel. So I said...mmmm..let me see my budget. So i know still on i decided to have our dinner at the hotel...hehehe


†bandaged-knee† †Broken-Medusa† said...

:P wah2.. andrik.. sa pun lump ernah dinner at hotel.. i mean yg.. mc ni pnya.. ada pun on function laa.. lol ^_^ hehe.. pa kabar..? :) hey lovely pic.. :) u look clean lol.. ^_^

C.Alv.B said...

sabar ko geng...

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