Wednesday, 3 December 2008

My ex-gf's SMS

30th of NOv was my ex-gf's birthday. She is in Sarawak and she is Iban and she is a teacher. I've been with 3 relationships before and i knew so many girls in my life. BUT i can say she is the best so far and of course, i could not erase every single memory when I was with her. So last 1st DEC i sent her a message:

"Hello, Happy Belated day. I'm sorry I could not wish you yesterday. I was so busy with my professional certificate. I will be back to Sabah maybe be for just a week before fly to the UK for a job. Wish you had a great bday and may God bless you always. Andrik here" (just in case if she already deleted my number)

So she replied me:

"Thank you very much Andrik. I thought you forgot it already. You know what, i was about to call you yesterday. I just wanna hear your wish. Thank you at last i heard it from you. Opss..I almost forgot good luck in your job. May God always be with you whereever."

So i just smile on her message. Last night i'm about going to bed. My mobile phone beeping...and i checked into my inbox and i saw her message again.

"Andrik, I wanna ask you something. I hope you answer me honestly but if you think it is difficult for you...nevermind. I'll understand. I have no rite to force you. Who knows, maybe i'll feel more relief if i know the trudth. Andrik do you really throw away all your feeling for me and not even left a piece of it insode your heart? and is there a chance for us 2b together again?"

OMG....Now I really realize she is in deep love with me. I never think about it anymore. I mean i just assume she is my friend now and i never think to be his gf. In fact, at this moment i am really focus on my studies and career. I am so sorry to her. But she always the best and all my memories with her will never dissapeared.


Beck the BandagedKnees said...

Hmmm how sweet.. :P good for ya.. good for everyone.. I always got rejected 24/7 (whatever~ -_-)

but yeah.. juz dont force ursef to love someone if u think u're not inlov wif em.. so.. yup.. sorry to her too.. shyt happen.. lol.. opps sorry for the words.. n yeah.. :P

;) be original.. LOL

I laugh at pple who loving other pple for their confessions and not because of their in lov wif that lover-someone~.. its juz lame.. sooner or later hearts r broken anyway~ :P

xoxoxo all the best andrick! :)

kuai said...

dear Andrik...
nah.. i not really in to 'love' mood to comment.. hehehe..

well, am happy that you can manage this situation.. ^_^.. She so sweet and very honest..

btw, u accept the UK job?!!! support nih!!.. yay.. Good Luck!

sweetie~ said...

bukan your previous post ko bilang dia main kayu tiga ka? love is blind....but be careful....some women are just not worth the trust...hehe

ReNo said...

Andrik bro..alala again its for U to decide ba... ketuk kepala tanya hati..kekeke mcm si Beck cakap nda buli paksa diri juga tapi...ntah la... dulu soalan sy senang masa pilih bini (hehe kenangan silam laini kunun) 'buli ka dia ni jadi mama yg baik utk anak2 sy nnt?' hehe lebih kurang la.. nah, ko baut la soalan sendiri...all the best, muga2 ko lulus bila keputusan dia kuar 10, 20, 30 tahun akan datang...keke

sweetie~ said...

mmmm bukan dia main kayu tiga ka ari tu ko bilang....mmmm

bah all the best klu kau pigi uk....nnt sy dtg lawat kau...hehe

C.Alv.B said...

Chase ur dreams.But if u still want to be with her doesnt mean u have to let go ur dream rite? so..give a space between u too first..go and fly to UK..who knows u will know exactly how u feel when u are at Negeri Orang hehehe..all the best

Andrik McVean said...

of course she is so sweet and honest..but i am so sorry to her because i could not that at this moment because i am so busy with my studies and also carrer

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