Tuesday, 9 December 2008

I was so tired today

OK guys, how are you all? I hope everything is OK witj you all. Let me tell you something. Well, nothing actually but i just want to tell you all that i was so tired today and i got jet leg. Yeah!!! seriously. I'm not kidding. What i've done today is just crap and silly actually. Well, I got up this morning so late. If i not mistaken it was 10 am I guess. After got up of my bed i had my shower and had my very simple breakfast. Well, so i was thinking of myself. What shall I do for the whole day. So i went to my bed agaian and started up my "machine (laptop)". Oh..one thing, since i bought my new laptop, actually i never use my PC anymore (oh no...pity to my PC).

So..what next? Well...i went to several airway websites and start my survey again. After 20 mins doing my survey i did realize that i cannot request an open ticket via online (what a silly tought of me?). So i said to myself, oh..that means i have to buy it from an agent or go to their counters and ask for an open ticket. Oh shit!! this is redicilous. So i said, OK fine maybe i have to go out to the town. So i get prepare of myself. When i was in the town today, i did realize i am having problem. U know why? I did not know where are these places located. I want to go to MAS first but where to go? And then Singapore airline...but where? Cathy pacific? Gulfair? Emirates airline? Thai airlines? Oh...shit and crap...I really hate to this thing because i really prefer to buy it via online instead of queuing.

Oh..yeah...come on!!! So lastly, i went to shopping complex information and ask them where are these places and how shall I go there. And luckly, I rang my friend and asked him where to go. Oh yes!!! He knows because he had experiences travel around the world before. But, even though he knows, But i still have the difficulties. What was that? Oh..very unlucky because the places are saperated each other and i have to go from here to there and from there to here (if u know what i mean). Huh!!!! what a tiring day huh??? I almost feed up actually because its not easy. Even though the company pay the tickets for me but still very difficult because i have to get the best price (not necessary the cheapest).

So..after done my job for today i got back. Ops..before that i had my early dinner at chinese restaurant and it was about 6.30 pm. Opssss....too early actually. But what to do? Hehehe...so after had my dinner i got back home and went to bed and just thinking about the tickets and my journey. But folks, I didn't buy anything just had my survey..Very..very tired. So far i think i prefer 2 airlines. They are Malaysia Airline and Singapore Airline. For your information Singapore airline is the best airline in 2007 in the world and Malaysia airline was ranked 3rd. I know the price is a bit expensive but...its ok, because the company will pay it.

Anyway....thats it. I'm going to bed now.......bye...


C.Alv.B said...

Take a good rest then..good luck!!

†bandaged-knee† †Broken-Medusa† said...

:) yup.. sound like tiring since u really hav no idea bout the location n etc.. ^_^

...idk y am i saying this.. but it hav to be sayin here.. xD --> u need to learn how to chill n relax.. ^_^" hehe.. ^_^" rock on Andrik! :)

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