Monday, 11 May 2009

Five things make you sad in this world

My previous post it was about five things make you happy in this world. But for this post i would like to clarify about five things make feel sad in this world. Lets go based on the ranking each of them.

1. Love
When you love someone and he or she decided to leave you that cause "hurt the most". In fact if you she or he is your first love that cause "the first cut is the deepest". Love means not necessary to you lover but also to your friends and family. Includes things you love the most. Becareful with love, because if you are on the wrong track he will kill you easily.

2. Failure
When you failed in your ambition you thought you are useless and hopeless. I remembered one of my sadest memories was when all my best friends accepted in Labuan Matriculation but i am the only one have to go for my diplomma. That time i felt useless, hopeless and i felt very very down. But everything happened for a reason. Now, i can say i am the most stable among my friends. In fact the probably the most high paid among us.

3. Death
Well, actually death suppose to be first. But i consider about the frequency. Because death usually will happen once for every 20 years or maybe twice for your lifetime. But love maybe will happen twice a year or maybe once a year. Failure? well...always happened. Maybe 5 or 6 times a year. When someone left and never come back will hurt you so much.

4. Regretness
When you have done something will defenatly cry so much. Something that you cannot undo and you can see the consequences of what have you done. You might regret on it but its too late to regret.

5. Money
Money comes both sadness and hapiness. How can you be happy without money? Well, maybe you could but....its not long lasting. In this era of life, money is one of the most important things and we cannot deny its importance in our life.


Anonymous said...

Masa zaman dulu, money tidak masuk senarai samada dalam list gembira atau sedih. Yang masuk senarai adalah padi/tanaman dan binatang peliharaan :)

soft said...

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Andrik McVean said...

yabah oiga.....tapi included in sadness and money no talk..hehehe

reanaclaire said...

hi..visiting here from a Perakian.. nice blog over here...

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