Friday, 15 May 2009

When popular artists fell on stage

I just don't know what to blog tonight. But this afternoon i was browsing youtube and accidently i saw the video's titled "Robbie williams falls over on stage...". I never knew he had that experience before. As he is one of my favourite singers, i clicked the video and watched it. was so embarrassing. I really have no idea how to cover yourself when you fall on stage. Even professional singers cannot cover it. Please take a look all those videos from youtube. As fas as i concerned, they are all professional singer. Tried to cover but its too late!!!

I think this is the worst among them. OMG!!!! she fell horribly. This is what i called NO WAY TO COVER!!! It was boyence's embarrassing moment. Hahaha...even though its hurt but she still able to shake her head and hair. It was funny!!!

Robbie Williams. Well, he tried to cover it but unfortunetly its too late. But he is cool to control it. But still cannot control it though. How shit!!!!

It is Britney. LOL!!!

Well, can find so many videos on youtube. It was so good to see but so embarrassing!!!


Mell_f said...

hahaha..mcm kes si jac victor laini kan..lawak2.

How are u doing? Lama sd nda meninggalkan jejak disini :D

Andrik McVean said...

o ya mell..kes si jaclyn victor jatuh atas pentas juga....tapi dia sempat lagi ketawa and cakap "jangan ler ketawa"!!!!!

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