Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Malaysian Girl Caught by American Recording artistes company

Muahahah..kakakaka...funny eh when i used the word "caught". My friends did texted me and said "Andrik why did u write CAUGHT..seems like the girl has done something wrong". Muahahaha...what a funny. Anyway...lets talk about this girl. She is a chinese from Malaysia. She starts uploading her videos on youtube few years ago and last year she been flown to L.A by American recording artistes company. Honestly she has a fresher and unique vocals as well. Well, in my opinion her vocal is NOT POWERFUL but there is something unique about it which is you can reconize her vocals easily. Moreover, her songs also sound very new in a market and very easy to listen. You can listen it and the songs are easy to sing and easy to memorize the melody. In short, this is what i called art! To be a success singer is not necessary to must have a vocal range like Mariah Caery, Withney Hutson, Celin Dion, Leona Lewis, Beyonce, etc....BUT it is depends on how did u make your music/ songs. EXECTLY!!!!

Zee Avi is a singer and song writer who is currently staying in LA for her career in music industry. She was born in Miri, Sarawak and moved to KL when she was 12. She studies in Fashion design in one of the universities in London. Initially she uploaded her video on youtube for her friend to watch. Since she recieved potitive feedback from viewers around the world, she uploads more videos on youtube. After a year, she joined Brushfire Records after gained attention from this company. Well, what a lucky girl rite? reminds me about Marie digby as well. Anyway guys, check her video on youtube.

I like her song titled kantoi. It shows she is Malaysian and always remember her root. As i said before her songs are easy to listen and sound very nice. Bravo!!!!


Puteri Ezza said...

Yuhuuuu bro.. Lama nda jalan-jalan pi sini. Apa khabar? Uwaaaaa, link saya sudah kena kasi remove ka? :(

Andrik, mari sahut challenge di blog saya...

C.Alv.B said...

All the best for her

Andrik McVean said...

@puteri ezza...i just put you on back.... lagu dia yang kantoi...

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