Sunday, 3 May 2009

Ulasan AF 7 Konsert 8

The begining of the song he sang is powerfull. But at the first stanza of the song he sang it a bit not clear. But still OK. After the first stanza, the voical projection was very good, loud and clear. He looks so different. He sang it dramaticly and the feling was there. Very good performance from him. So i give 8/10

As usual, her voice projection is very good. But i font really the drama when most of the performance just keep talking. It doesn't show the ability in singing. More in acting. Aishah's part was great. I just don't understand when the datuk said it was a great duet performance. I am sorry i'm not really keen on the duet. 7/10

Oh...i think the into is too long. Kalau lucu i don't mind..nie..ouch....langsung tak lucuh. In fact, looks like terpaksa. I am sorry but i felt i want to puke when i see him acting like a playboy but the looks hampeh...yucks!!!! As expected, mesti pitching problem punya. The vocal wasn't that good. I can say it worst than Karaoke version. Huh!!! i jsut don't understand with the judges because they seem like it though. But not my type of coffee. 5/10

Well, the acting was good though. I like it....hahahahaha....but i got goose pimple watching the drama. But it was good right. Don't u think so? Huhuhu.......Oh...her low notes were not so clear. But last night's performance it sounds very much like siti nurhaliza. Where is the originality? huhuhuhu...Tomok is a millionarrie. I am sure Isma will be in final and maybe win this competation. No pitching problem at all, my only complain is not so clear. But great voice but no originality. Sorry folks!!! but i like it though. 7.5/10

Ohhh....what a romantic sketsa? heheheh...good. See when both of the actors good looking, i have no problme to watch it. But if the actress is good looking but the actor is ugly...i wanna puke beb. But the performance is so dramatic. Huhuhu....In fact, claudia's vocal also very good. The feeling was there, the drama and the whole combination is almost perfect. O ya, one more.....voice projection is great. J'arode (means..i love in french).7.5/10

Ouch....part yang awal tuh sumbang lah. But nasib baik he improved after that. Wow....did u all realize yang he look like sultanish plak kan? hehehehhe...i mean with her muka yang bersih and good looking. He deserves for the costum. Performance was ok but vocally its just all right. 6/10

Well, you can see my weekly ranking based on their score. By the way....sedy plak tengok yang berbakat terkeluar especially claudia. I think Yazid should go out. Ntah...nape lah and sape lah yang undi mamat nie...ish...ish..ish

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