Friday, 19 February 2010

The story of A Lover

The snow is here again. I didn't realize it but a friend told me that i will be suprised when i get outside. Well, as soon as i stepped my right leg outside of the door, i saw white all over the place. I said, "Oh My God!!", It's snowing again. I thought i the snow ended last month. Unfortunetly, it didn't and it comes again this morning. I see white everywhere, it's so preety but i don't like it because it makes me cold, miserable and stuck indoor all the time. I hate it but i can't do anything about it but just take it easy (even though i can't take anymore).

Anywhere, that's not the thing that i want to tell in this post but about the story of a lover. A lover who's broken hearted and running his life with the sadness he has. This lover feels so lonely, he feels so dissapointed in everything, he feels empty and nothing left. This lover used to get messages from his lover but no more message. He's been waiting for the time where he and his lover can be together, but it seems like never happen. This lover used to dreamed beautiful dreams but since that time, all he had was disaster dreams. He used to have a beautiful smiles on his face but no more but miserable face. He used to get phone calls from his lover but no more call but silence.

This lover is sad and wish he's happy to run his life. Life is just nothing for him but because of something he is still doing the same things. Mmmm..the lecturer is here and need t stop now. Talk again next time ya...bubye....


BuDakHutaN said...

wah snow... where r u ?

C.Alv.B said...

Be strong..

Anonymous said...

u will get use to it. It happened to me as well wen i was still in Aus while he was in Berlin. Txts, late nite pon called,surprise wall comment on FS bla bla..dreaming to be together wen the rite time comes bla bla...then suddenly it's all gone like the wind.

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