Monday, 10 September 2012

Another Great Recipes But bad Monday

Chicken Chinks with three different curries

Aubergine with intense sauce made of lime, honey and chillies 
Fantastic food, great weekend but very bad Monday!!!!

Oh Gosh I have been very busy with my research lately. There are so many things I need to do and at one point I really thought I almost achieve my first objective but ironically there are so many test I need to do. I feel a little bit disappointed and feel a little bit upset. Very frustrating after so many hours and days you spent your time on something and knowing that it's not gonna work or it's only the beginning of thousands of things that you need to do. Oh Gosh I really hope that have enough enthusiasm before I get exhausted. Well it's still very early to say but I honestly think the three month being a PhD student feels like three weeks. It seems like everything was very quick and I'm not sure whether what I have done in the last 3 months are enough or not. Sometimes I feel I am a little bit ahead of my plan but sometimes I feel like I am way behind from my plan. I'm not sure and I really don't know until I achieve my first objective which I hope before the end of this year. Phew!!!! In fact, today's progress was empty. I did so many tests trying to do different method to segment my image but none of them produced the result I want. The main problem is how can I do clustering/segmentation???? I have tried several different method but it didn't really work because I didn't really know how to implement it and even if I know how to implement them but they couldn't produce the result I want.

I was very disappointed!! I thought nothing I can do but had to leave the office because it was already 6PM and I didn't really want to miss my training in the gym. I had very quick training as I needed to be at home about 7.45PM. I had only about 30 minutes training in the gym but it was enough to burn some unneeded calories in my body (LOL!). I had 3KM and climbed only 60 steps! That's enough!! And I will continue again tomorrow.

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