Sunday, 16 September 2012

It's Raining Men..Hallelujah

It's weekend and it has been a few days since i discovered this song. It's called It's Raining Men by Weather Girls. I think I've heard this before but I wasn't sure where and then a few days ago when I was driving to school, this song was playing on heart FM. As soon as I heard it, I liked it not because of the lyrics but the melody. I like the fact that the song is quite catchy and clubbing types of song which I always like especially when I'm driving. I don't really listen to slow romantic songs when I'm driving as they make me sleepy LOL! Anyway, I love clubbing (unofficial confession of me) and I love partying but it has to be with the right people or the right company. Otherwise it could be pretty boring.

As soon as I arrive at the office, I switched on my machine and googled the song and I never thought the singers are two big girls and pretty funny to be quite honest. But the strong voices of them make me really like this song. Anyway it was a pretty busy weekend for me because I washed two cars, cleaned up the kitchen, hoovering, dusting, fitting the windows, cooking and several other things. But I'm glad I've done them all made my weekend a productive weekend. Now the car looks clean again. One thing I missed though is having a chocolate milk shake from MacDonald. I must have it sometimes when I got the time to pop into the restaurant (Restaurant???? I don't call restaurants serving junk food as a restaurant). Oh ya, I didn't iron my clothes because I wasn't in a mood to iron them. In fact I was a bit lazy but still managed to do several things.

I cooked something very fattening tonight. Believe it or not it was chunks of lamb cooked with tandoori curry with cheese, cream, honey, etc. The ingredients were so bloody fattening!!! Sadly I ate them with rice which made my dinner so rich full with carbohydrate and fat. I then watch x-factor which is my favourite TV show after Britions got talents. Very interesting and exciting talents some of them were really good and some were really crap but have very high self confidence made them look fool in front of thousands audiances in the hall. Some have very sad background and performed really well during the auditions made me think that a real hero! Next week gonna be the bootcamp and I'm going to miss it because I will be in Scotland otherwise the hotel or B&B room has a TV which I doubt. This means I have to watch the episodes from youtube on Monday. I will be back from Scotland on very late Sunday night.

Regarding to my PhD research, it has been 3 months 15 days for me being a PhD student and then progress works pretty okay not too bad but not very impressive at all. In fact I feel several parts of what I have done were quite depressing and sometimes I thought it can't really do it. But so far I managed to do all those difficult tasks but sometimes when I looked back I don't really know how did I do it. But anyway, I am still stuck with my clustering at the moment after several attempts. I have done so many ways try to invent a new method but none of them can produce good results. Phewwww...getting to my nerve sometimes and I hate the fact that I have to redo some of the parts for the sake of testing it (mmm...what is it?? sorry I don't understand what I'm saying here lol!). So tmrw gonna be a new day fresher brain and hopfully new ideas can help me out to figure out the problems.

This week I should start to buy rackets (I need two!!) from the internet and hopfully get them delivered before Thursday. I then need to buy the shuttlecocks and also the rackets' cover. I have found a few interesting reckets from several websites but I haven't made up my mind yet. I also think I need to buy a new pair of running shoes. I get bored using the same shoes running everyday LOL!!! Okay guys, I think I need to go to bed now and I need to get up early tmrw (I always say this and always get up late).

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