Saturday, 1 September 2012

Great Food and Great PhD Progress

Mushrooms with Ginger and Honey
Well, before I go to my PhD progress here is another dish I cooked suitable for vegetarians. All the ingredients are 100% vege! So if you are vegetarians than this one is a perfect choice for you. Thick gravy and very moist and tender mushrooms yummyyyyyyy....this one can be spicy and can be very mild but this this time I made it very  mild and no chilies at all.

Okay, now a little bit update of my PhD research. Well, I am really happy today because my algorithm does work and the main thing is that what my thought in the last a few days constructed into a code and it does work almost exactly what I wanted although still a little bit inaccurate but this is so great for the first time. I've learn two main methods today which was taught by my Spanish friend Raquel. She's genius and I've learnt a lot form her. It's a shame as she is leaving very soon to Scotland. But I do hope that she will be coming back to Aber Uni again next year for her PhD.

The two methods I've learnt today were KNN and also K-means. Actually they are not as difficult as I thought. In fact K-means is quite easy but KNN was a bit tricky. But once you got the concept it should be okay. Tomorrow (Sunday), she will teach me about split and merge algorithm which I really want to learn and I can wait to learn. My noise removal algorithm is working and this makes me really happy. Yippieee!!!

Officialy I'm with MatLab for a month today and guess what??? I think I'm doing really great. Oh I forgot to tell you guys, I had 5KM run, 150 sit ups and 100 steeps climbed!

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