Sunday, 2 September 2012

Two Different Korma Prawns Dishes

Very simple to prepare but very nice!!!
This is another very simple dish but really a delicious one, Tikka Prawns with Mango and Yogurt. I would rate this dish 4.3/5.0. But then could be up to 4.5/5.0 depends with how thick and tasty your gravy is. Another one is the prawns. Make sure your prawns are flavoursome because they are the main   and very important ingredient in this dish followed by the gravy and mango. Make sure your mango is sweet and not sour.

All right, the second dish is using Korma curry as well but cooked with with vegetable stock and honey with pineapple chucks and parsley. Don't put too much honey because the pineapple should be sweet enough and make sure that you are putting a table spoon of apple vinegar to make this dish a little bit sour. This dish meant to be sweet with a little sour. So this could be as good as 4.5/5.0 rate. But again make sure your prawns are really tasty because it would influence the whole dish. Flavoursome prawns would produce nice juice when you are cooking them with the other ingredients and makes a really nice gravy!!!

Okay guys, It's Sunday so happy weekend although I'm stuck in the office doing my research and learning something. Have a good weekend and enjoy especially my loyal readers in the UK.

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