Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Seafood Dishes

It has been a few days or maybe almost a week since I last updated my blog. I have been very busy with my PhD research and at this stage (early stage) I think it's very demanding and very tiring. Just a quick update for what I have cooked last week. Scallops and Prawns. Very simple cooked them with some cream and coconut milk. Not too bad but was a little but disappointed because the scallops were overcooked. To be quite honest I never really cooked scallops but was keen to try it out. Unfortunately my first attempt was a failure. The taste was just above the average but I must say there were harder and drier than they should be. I should cook them in a very low temperature and watch their texture very carefully. Each Scallop should not be cooked more than five minutes. In fact I got the feeling they could be better cooked if I warp them with something such as banana leave or maybe foil. By using these wrappers, they don't get dry easily and the meat would get very moist which is the main aim when cooking Scallops. So that's what I say lesson learnt!!!
Next time I will cook these dishes again but I really need to learn about some special techniques cooking Scallops. Ok folks I need to continue my work now and I hope to get some results and at least to see a one step improvement for what I'm doing now. I am stuck at the moment and I hate this so much !!!!

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