Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Good Bye Summer Hello Autumn

Summer is leaving us

Autumn is coming 

Good bye blue sky hello dark sky
Okay here is another update late night. Huh..yesterday (Tuesday) was another disaster day for me but not too bad because I did manage to normalize the two features which are Entropy and Local Binary Pattern Images. The good thing was I managed to use K-Means method to do clustering but the result wasn't very good. In fact it was very disappointing. I hated the result anyway it was far than my lowest expectation. It seems like I have to do a huge modification or I need to redo the whole process again which is very depressing because it means that I need to read other different journals to get some ideas. I really hope that I can do some modification at the last step of the algorithm.

Anyway, last weekend was the time to say good bye sunshine, hello dark sky! After my dinner I was washing the dishes in the kitchen and realised that a beautiful sunset was disappearing. It looked so beautiful and so clear with the red sky. I wish my DSLR Canon could focus closer so I can take the sunset bigger without cropping it. I quickly ran upstairs and took my camera and had a few snaps. The pictures above are some of more than 10 shots I took.

Need to get back to my research now...I have been doing this for about 3 months 12 days now!!!!

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