Friday, 5 August 2011

Ayam Golek at Bazar Ramadan

aren't they look so tempting?
Mmmmm....i bet i can finish two
Mmmmm.....delicious ayam golek

I took my nephew to UiTM sabah last Monday. Then before i dropped him to his hostel we went to Bazar at IP or well known by UiTM students in Sabah as Indah Permai. I honestly never been there before even though i passed the place many times. It was my first time and i was very impressed because of the Ayam Golek. I was very impressed the way they roasted the chickens. Am not sure if i ever seen something like this before but of course i have eaten ayam golek before. looked very nice but i didn't buy any because i thought i can do this thing even without the machine they used. Maybe the only difference is the taste. I do have my own ingredient when i do BBQ but i do not know their ingredients. time i go there again i will buy one!!!


Anum said...

for me only half

Alv0808 said...

Hahahaa..itulah lain kali beli dulu bah..hehehe. Anyway, I never eat ayam golek too...

Ayie said...

oyeah.. my fav.. hahaha

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